A Vegan Christmas

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This is just a quick blog to share with you some of our favourite vegan recipes for Christmas. 


We're lucky enough to have an all vegan family so having a vegan Christmas is easy for us and I'm lucky I don't need to watch people eating animal flesh at the table. 


I wasn't brought up celebrating Christmas but my husband celebrated Christmas and since we've had our daughter he has been even more keen to bring the traditions into our household. So the last few years we have had a traditional Christmas lunch - veganised! 


Jamie Oliver has been our go to for vegan Christmas recipes. I love how into veganism Jamie Oliver is getting lately! He has an easy search function on his website for vegan recipes and they're all pretty easy, even for a very, very, very average cook like me. 


Since learning about Christmas traditions I have learnt that you cannpt (I repeat CANNOT) have a vegan Christmas without roast veggies, and you can't have enough roast veggies either. Here are two roast veggie recipes but really you can freestyle with roast veggies of course.  


Being English, roast potatoes are a must for my husband and this Roasted Potatoes, Parnips and Carrot recipe is super easy but really hits the spot. Roasing them for long enough is key - no shortcuts! 


And I personally love roasted cauliflower and brussl sprouts so can't go past this Sicilian Roasted Cauliflower and Brussel Sprout recipe - but I'm not a fan of mixing sweet with savoury so left out the raisins. 




For main we made this Vegan Nut Roast, although to be honest we have tried a few versions and there are so many good ones out there so you could just google vegan nut roast to find one that suited your taste. 


This vegan Mixed Mushroom stuffing was delicious as a side dish - and obviously not meant to be stuffed into anything! 


And last year we made a Portobello Mushroom Wellington from Bosh which was absolutely delcicious. Bosh recipes are really good for anyone who hasn't looked at their stuff before. 




Apparently gravy is an essential for a Christmas lunch and if I'm being totally honest, we are bit too lazy to make our own gravy as there are vegan pre-mix gravies you can buy in the supermarket quite easily. But if you're feeling adventurous, you could give this recipe a shot.


And to end a Christmas dinner this Vegan Choclate Parfait is ridiculously yum and even after eating way too much food you'll still be able to find room to eat it. It can be made in ahead of time so you're not rushing to do everything at the same time. 




Let us know if you have any good vegan Christmas recipes please!


Happy Festive Season everyone xxx


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