Make A Statement Without Saying A Word

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Vegan activist apparel is a great way to start conversations and help spread the vegan message.


Sometimes it can be difficult to start a conversation about veganism, or make people think about their choices, but wearing clothing with a vegan message is a great way to get the ball rolling. I know from experience of wearing vegan messages that they work!


And sometimes you won't even know that you are affecting people. I went to a Doctor wearing a T-shirt about the hypocrisy of our treatment to animals - why love our pets and eat other animals. She made no comment on my top but when I came back a month later she started a conversation saying that she had heard a segment on the radio about people trying to rescue some abandoned cats and she had been thinking about my top and the fact that we are a very hypocritical society with our treatment of animals - my top had been a seed the was planted in her brain! 


Even a t-shirt which just says "Vegan" makes people see the word, think about it, normalise it, and makes it seem like something to be proud of - which is is! 


We love our range of Vegan Activist Apparel from Vegathletics. There are some more hard hitting and some more subtle ones to choose from. And most of them are available in lots of colours. Here are some of our faves although there are plenty more online. Check out our ladies range here and our mens range here.


Let's spread the vegan message together! xxxx

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