Magic Bulletproof Coffee Vegan Recipe

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Vegan Bulletproof Coffee Recipe 

Have you tried Bulletproof coffee? 

The latest craze in the health world, it's been said to increase energy levels, improve digestion and enhance brain performance. It's also, been known to help weight losss and suppress your appetite. 

I'm presuming the enhanced brain performance is due to the caffiene content but it's worth a shot - excuse the pun ;-)


How to have your Bulletproof Coffee

"It is recommended to drink bulletproof coffee at least 30 min before breakfast. The healthy fats contained in the MCT oil will convert into ketones, which are efficiently used by the brain for energy, improving physical performance and mental clarity. The saturated fats will also slow the absorption of caffeine, which provides energy for longer. Finally, having your morning bulletproof coffee will increase your feeling of satiety and speed up metabolic rate, which aids in maintaining a healthy weight and reduce body fat. Whether your are heading to work, to the gym or in the outdoors, Coconut Magic’s vegan bulletproof coffee will be your best morning ritual!"  Coconut Magic



Blend all ingredients for 30 seconds. 


Enjoy! And let us know what you think. 

My Vegan Mart xx


Recipe from Coconut Magic. 

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