Guide to Probiotic Cleaning

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We love natural cleaning products but this is the next level of innovation in natural cleaning products.


How does probiotic cleaning work?


Counter Culture, instead of working like most cleaning products which use chemicals to kill bacteria (both harmful or healthy), works by using beneficial microbes which attach and break down dirt, grease and odours and feed the good bacteria to create a healthy mircrobial balance.  


According to Counter Culture, some recent research suggests that when we clean with products designed to "kill 99.9% of bacteria", it is working against the natural ecosystem found in our homes. Counter culture uses 13 strains of live probiotic cultures which work to crowd out pathogens and make them become dormant. And even better, these "good bugs" continue working long after you’ve finished cleaning, because they are living organisms. 


And you may be wondering what keeps the bacteria alive in the bottle, well each Counter Culture formula contains Sea Salt and organic Brown Sugar to activate the beneficial bacteria, feed them, and keep them alive and well.


But does it actually work?


So like us, you may be a little sceptipcal. But Counter Culture have done microbial tests to show that their products are effective and their sister products have been listed on the US Federal Government's "Bio-Preferred" listing.


Are they safe for the home, kids and animals?


Counter Culture products are fragrances using essential oils and contain no harmful chemicals. They are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and non-allergenic. 


Are Counter Culture products environmentally friendly?


I think you probably know the answer to this but we'll tell you anyway way. Counter Culture products are made from naturally occurring, non-genetically modified microbes and wherever possible, organic food grade materials are used to feed the bugs. They are biodegradable and safe to use, store, and dispose of.


Counter Culture All Purpose Organic Cleaners


Designed for everyday household cleaning, the Counter Culture All Purpose Organic Cleaner is non-toxic and pet-safe. 


Live cultures in this revolutionary product seek your dirt and grime as its food source.

  • Certified Organic
  • Fragranced with a unique blend of essential oils
  • No synthetic chemicals or nasties that can be harmful to you, your family or the environment
  • Continues to work long after you've sprayed

This natural cleaning spray is perfect for use in the kitchen and bathroom as well as on kids toys, furniture, wood surfaces, granite, tiles, bamboo and stainless steel, and can powerfully break down oils, fat, grease and streaks for a flawless and shiny finish. 


Available in a Mix Scent 2 Pack, Lavender 3 pack and Lemongrass 3 Pack.



Counter Culture Air and Fabric Freshener 


It is not a cover up job with this natural bathroom Air & Fabric freshener. The live cultures crowd out the source of the bad odour. The probiotic cultures in this non-toxic air freshener create competition for bad bacteria to help reduce them naturally. 

Try it in your bathroom, kitchen, use it on your bedding, pet's bed and great in your car too.

  • 100% Certified organic
  • No synthetic chemicals or nasties that can be harmful to you, your family or the environment.
  • Fragranced with a unique balance of essential oils.


Counter Culture Probiotic Hand Wash & Body Wash

The same principle applies to washing your body. Did you know that billions of bacteria live on your skin keeping you protected from all sorts of toxins and pollutants bouncing around in the environment. Counter Culture's probiotic hand wash and body wash keep the balance right. 

This non drying formula is good for sensitive skin.

Fragranced with a unique balance of essential oils.


             Mixed 2 Pack                          Lavender 2 Pack                     Lemongrass 2 Pack                    Mandarin 2 Pack

              Hand Wash                              Hand Wash                              Hand Wash                              Body Wash



All of Counter Culture products are plant-based, chemical free and made from 100% organic ingredients. They contain no colour, no fragrances, or allergens.


And we had to end with this pic because of that face!  



Happy, healthy cleaning!! 

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